Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Original Blog Post Three: Furnishings


FURNISHINGS: Eras, Styles, Colors, Themes, Pricing source       

 How do your characters furnish their homes?  

Do they select contemporary designer furniture, period antiques, or one-of-a kind craftsman-built pieces? Purchase factory-made lines and/or matching suites from mass-market department and furniture stores? Are they surrounded by furniture and objects inherited from family? Do they prefer or require the budget friendliness of scouring yard sales, thrift shops, and Craigslist? Are they addicted to the serendipitous thrill of dumpster diving and hunting for freebies on trash day? Are they do-it-yourselfers? Do they adhere to specific decorating rules, periods, themes, and colors, or mix things up? Quite likely, they furnish their homes by using a combination of these options.  

Here are sources to explore for furnishing ideas: 

Contemporary and Modern Designer Furniture: 

1) Geiger

Geiger includes bios and product photos of contemporary designers of home and office furniture. 

2) Interiordezine.com

This site provides a useful outline of iconic modern furniture by designers and architects by timeline, 1900-1999; includes sketches of furniture pieces and bios of their designers. 

Period Furniture and Decorating Styles: 

1) Interiordezine.com

This section of the Interiordezine.com site provides outlines and sketches of design and furniture by period or decorating style.  

2) Connected Lines

A good source for decorating style from 1600 to 1950, Connected Lines includes a timeline, brief style descriptions, and sketches of representative furniture pieces and fabrics and materials used to construct them.  

Mass Market-targeted Furniture and Furnishings: 

1) Macy’s

Macy’s is the ultimate destination for mass market furnishings, with delivery available coast-to-coast.

2) Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market offers a variety of furniture and furnishings at mass market prices. 


Prices range from budget to mid-priced. One advantage of browsing IKEA is to discover what is offered at stores located in various countries. 

Budget Furniture and Furnishings: 

1) Shop Goodwill.com

This site may not replace Ebay, but it bills itself as the first Internet auction site created, owned, and operated by a nonprofit: Goodwill of Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. Items for auction are supplied by Goodwill organizations across the United States and organized into broad categories. Additionally, items are slotted under “buy now,” “new today,” “(auction) ending today,” and under the tantalizing heading of “Hot 50. 

2) Décor Steals

The site focuses on decorative items at discount prices. Items are added daily and offered for limited-time, outright sale.  

Free Stuff: 


Choose a geographical location from this Craigslist page. Under the “For Sale” category, choose “free.” 

Interesting Blogs: 

1) Antique Alter Ego

A husband and wife-owned site that focuses on 1950s, 60s, and 70s design and decorating that was aimed at the middle class in the United States. It contains photos of furniture, decorative objectives, tiles, house plans, and fences, etc, culled from vintage catalogues.  

2) Ana White

This site includes plans, videos, techniques, and an active forum on building or adapting moderately-priced, practical furniture, and links to blogs of other do-it-yourself women.



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