Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Original Blog Post Four: Worldwide Dates and Time



Today, I offer a resource for adding authenticity to fiction: 

Time and Date.com

My favorite feature is the calendar function. This function allows you to pull up past, present, and future calendars by year/ month, country, and lists the holiday schedule for each country. Although, the first United States colony was founded in 1607, the calendar lets you pull up earlier years—for England.  

In 1752, England and the United States changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. The site also contains background information about Julian, Roman, Chinese, and Mayan calendars: 


What else does this site contain that steals your writing time, by tempting you with research features you didn’t know you needed? 

- Time zone maps by city in the United States and by major cities in foreign countries. 

- Worldwide weather readings—current and for the past week—and fifteen-day forecasts, by city. 

- Sun and moon calculators, moon phases, and eclipse calendars. 

- Date-to-date calculators, distance and travel time calculators. 

- Assorted trivia.